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About Us

Learn About Our Privately-Owned Home Builders in Colorado

We are privately-owned home builders located in Denver, Colorado. We build intelligently designed homes for new and experienced homebuyers alike. Rather than focusing on profits, we focus on lifestyles. The Colorado landscape is the perfect location for us to brainstorm new home designs that fit well with the outdoor-centric habitat. Continue reading to learn more about how our privately-owned home builders in Colorado are elevating the lives of so many new homebuyers and how we can help you find a new home in Denver

Award-Winning Home Designs

As award-winning new home builders in Denver, Colorado, we take pride in developing innovative designs custom-tailored around our homebuyers. For more than a decade, our privately-owned home builders in Colorado have been honored by international awards for our projects.  We do so much more than just create revolutionary home designs. We build communities. We grow relationships. We nourish families. All of this is made possible thanks to our intelligent design process, Design IQ.

The Thinking Behind Infinity Home Collection and Design IQ

We are privately-owned home builders located in Denver, Colorado. Our design process – known as Design IQ – helps us to build intelligently designed homes from the ground-up. From the drawing board to construction, we take extra care to ensure every aspect of our homes align with the people who will live in them. We tend to get a bit obsessive when it comes to the subject of homebuilding, so please feel free to stop reading at any time. But with fifteen years of experience as Infinity (and many years before that, developing our ideas), we’ve learned some things you might find useful as well.

Why We Remain Privately-Owned Home Builders in Colorado

We have intentionally remained privately-owned home builders in Colorado  so that we may create our own rules and select exactly, when, where, what and how to build homes.  We do this all while remaining true to our own set of principles. We know the Denver market. We know which spots are hot and which ones are not. And, more importantly, we know which ones have all the ingredients necessary to become timeless. We don’t build the most expensive homes: our homes currently start in the $500 K range and cap at the low $900 K. We’re able to to build the most intelligently designed homes for an affordable price.

The Evolving Nature of Home Lifestyle

Our lives are constantly changing. Our habits are continuously evolving. Our needs are ever-wavering. The very concepts of the average workday and home entertainment are changing for families across America. (Who knew, for instance, that the kitchen would become the new living room?) As a result, we’ve built a lot of flexibility into our process and into our home designs. So you can have the home that fits your life rather than making your life fit your home. Our privately-owned home builders in Colorado are constantly evolving our thinking in order to better understand you, your family and your lifestyle.

Limitless Possibilities Abound

It’s no secret that our privately-owned home builders in Colorado build the coolest modern houses in Denver. While most builders remind you of limits, we offer you possibilities. Our process – which we call Design IQ -- is created for you. Your style. Your preferences. Your schedule. That’s why we say we offer a personalized homebuying experience – but simplified to help reduce cost and complications. You can also learn more about Infinity Home Collection, such as homebuyer education and home builder news, on our blog page.

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“You’ll find more of our thoughts and observations at Design IQ. It’s basically a set of principles that has guided us over the years, and that keeps evolving, as we do. We hope it will also be a useful tool for you in your own decision-making process.”