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Yes, we know, it’s a mighty big name for a privately owned, local builder. But it suggests the spirit with which we approach the business and art of homebuilding. While some builders make you think of limits, we open up possibilities. With more than fifteen years of award-winning work behind us here in the Denver metro area, we offer you a refreshingly different building experience. Personal, creative, inspiring – and tailored to your busy life. We invite you to take a tour of our site. Have a look around. And, if you like what you see, please contact us.

Alto - winner of the national home of the year award for 2016!

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Our Neighborhoods

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The extraordinary from the merely ordinary. A little extra thought (okay, a lot of extra thought) can make the difference between ho hum and wow. It’s an investment well made because there is always a market for the exceptional.

The problem isn’t how to cut costs, the problem is how to create sustainable value that will be attractive to new customers. People like you – who are smarter, warier and more discriminating than ever. And looking for something different.

Smart people come to the table with ideas. And they make us better at what we do. As much as we’d like to claim that we’re geniuses, most of the innovative things we do are a direct result of what our customers have asked us for. We listen – and evolve.

The object of Design IQ is to create an enjoyable, personal homebuilding experience. To involve you in the early planning stages. To expand your choices but simplify the process of choosing. To eliminate stress and hassle. So we break down the decision-making process into a series of small, manageable steps over time. Our process is designed for you.

It’s an important part, to be sure. So important, it’s practically a given – like a roof. So you’ll find every Infinity home is Energy Star® certified, and built with the most current sustainable building practices. And if you want tankless hot water or a state-of-the-art, PV solar array to generate off-grid electricity, we can do that too.

There are boring places with not much to do, and there are interesting places with lots of things to do, usually within walking distance. Funny how it works, but most people would rather live in an interesting place. So that’s where we build.

There’s no “one style fits all” mentality at work here. One of the benefits of being a local builder is that we can really dial into the details of each communities’ character and culture. And we can design our homes to embody that character in a way that others can’t – or simply don’t. That’s why you’ll find boldly modern Infinity homes in an eclectic urban environment like Stapleton. And you’ll find us building stucco-and-stone homes in a more rural, hillside village like Solterra. Same company, two different worlds. It’s our stand against the tidal wave of generic-ness. If there is such a word.


We invest a lot of time and thought at the planning stage – so that we can present you with a range of optional space configurations to the basic home design you select. All pre-planned, pre-engineered and pre-priced. As a result, you have more flexibility to create the home you want without the stress (or cost) starting with a blank sheet of paper.


One thing we know for sure is that we don’t know everything. Products and technologies change. Behavioral patterns change. So we bring in specialists who are really good at what they do. Not only do we get to work with them, but you get to work with them directly, too. A kitchen specialist is available to help you with your kitchen design and appliance choices. A closet designer to maximize your master suite. An HVAC specialist to optimize the heating and air conditioning systems in your home. And, if you want it, an audio/video specialist who can transform your home into a multimedia showcase.


Not a paralyzing number of choices, but just enough that you’re not wishing you had more. We don’t dictate cabinet makers, appliance brands, lighting fixtures, paint color or any interior finishes for that matter. We just make sure that, if you have a thing for indigo CaesarStone®, it’s yours.

#11 We answer to you

Our customer. And our neighbor. Not a bunch of stockholders who are interested only in the bottom line. That’s how we stay true to our original, humble mission ­– which is (and we’re paraphrasing here) to build the coolest stuff in the universe. What we have found is that, if we just do what we love, and what our customers love, the bottom line takes care of itself.